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Driveways & front entrance 

Driveways Redesigning your front entrance with an inviting sitting area steps or seatwall adds a feel of warmth and welcoming. Driveways and front entrances are sometimes neglected in turn this is your first impression on your guests. Curb appeal is really part of the whole package, which means the small details are as important as the big picture. A pristine landscaped front entrance will turn heads, giving your property the wow factor and distinguishing your property from the rest.

Walkway & patio

Walkway Walkways open up different avenues for the senses to explore. Possibilities are boundless from simple flagstone steppingstone to a high traffic multi-purpose walkway. Patios and walkways allow one to enjoy the outdoors, not only adding value to your property but self enjoyment.

Pools & water features

Pools A swimming pool that is well designed and inviting can serve very well as a personal retreat at the end of the day. A well designed backyard complete with a pool will create your own oasis. Water featuers will add aesthetic appeal to you landscape with the sound of trickling water flowing over natural stone. The sound from the water feature will drown out noise from traffic or neighbors. Exquisite water designs will enhance the surroundings creating a elegent and relaxing atmosphere.

Outdoor living

Driveways Transforming your backyard in to your retreat weather it be sitting around a cozy fire pit or entertaining guests on your outdoor bar. Bringing the indoors outdoor creating additional living space while enjoying the outdoors. We can create your dream outdoor environment tailor made to your desire. Combining virtually any feature that you desire outdoor kitchens, counter tops, fire places, fire pits, wood burning ovens, built-in bars and grill islands the skys the limit. An excellent way to express your individuality and impress your guests

Retaining walls & natural stone

Driveways Retaining walls are buil for many purposes whether it be accenting a garden or building a load bearing structural wall. Adding vertical elements to your landscape design adds dimension and depth. Creating a retaining wall for a elevated sitting area or patio creates the illusion of extra space and also invites the eye to wander the landscape. Incorporating natural stone into your landscape gives a timeless look to any landscaping project.
Natural stone varies from flagstone which is used for walkways, patios, and also for covering concrete porches. Natural stone accent pieces positioned in key areas to give illusion or depth around plant materials and around patios can also be used as a seat. Natural stone steps irregular shaped or square cut and also used for retaining walls.
  • We have years of experience and thousands of successful installations under our belt
  • Weather you are in the market for a standard walkway or for a large scale custom design Tassone Construction has the capabilities, expertise and knowledge to ensure that you project is a success
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  • Have the equipment necessary to complete projects efficiently and properly
  • Make your project a pleasant experience

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